Cold Springs Valley Church is a hospital for the lost and broken. God says that He desires the no one would perish, and since it is impossible for us to follow His commandments perfectly, He chose to send His own Son to do all that work for us and then take our place; sacrificing Himself to take His Father's wrath... that we deserve. Our hope is to draw as many people to Jesus as we can while we can. No one is perfect. We know we aren't. However, we do know they joy, peace, power, and amazing love that comes from having a relationship with God through His Son. We would love very much to see everyone around us enjoy the same benefits of knowing Jesus as Lord and Savior.


We want to see everyone we know be freed from the chains of sin; their brokenness and doubt removed; their wounds healed. We share Jesus with as many people as we can to achieve this.


We are adopted children of God and disciples of Jesus. We do our best to be like Him and do what He did. People need love above all, so we do our best to love everyone we come into contact with.


As children of God Almighty, He has made us family. We know how hard life can be, so we try to help each other and share the load of trying times the best we can. No one should walk through life alone.


Jesus died for you. Everything was created by Him, through Him, and for Him, and He left all of that to come here and do what we are SUPPOSED to do, and take the judgement we deserve. God knew that we would never follow His commandments well enough to go to heaven, so He sent His Son to do all of it for us. He asks only that as His Son laid His life down for us, that we would lay our lives down for Him. Many people love the idea of having their sins forgiven and a Savior satisfying God's judgement. We hope that your faith would be so strong that you would believe in your heart and confess with your mouth... that He is Lord of your life.

Tel: 775-432-1221

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          PO Box 61447
          Reno, NV 89506


Church Address:

3385 White Lake Parkway

Reno, NV 89508 

email: coldspringsvc@hotmail.com

Updated: 05/07/2024