"Fellow citizens with God's people,

         and members of God's household"
                 Ephesians 2: 19

WORSHIP of God - the public and unashamed declaration of His worth and goodness - is the thrust of our assembling together.

FELLOWSHIP with God, and with those who love Him, is our joyous privilege and awesome duty, and forms the basis of the community we enjoy together.

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION & DISCIPLES - the teaching of the things of God with a view toward Christ-likeness - is offered through  Sunday School, Bible study and prayer groups for all ages, special meetings and our weekly sermons.

EVANGELISM - the extension of this life-transforming message to others - is an ongoing priority as we walk together with Christ.

SERVICE to one another, and to the poor, afflicted and mistreated is our ongoing concern. We seek to be led by God to be a team which engages habitually in beneficial activities which promote mercy, goodness and justice.

Tel: 775-432-1221

Mail Address:

          PO Box 61447
          Reno, NV 89506


Church Address:

3385 White Lake Parkway

Reno, NV 89508 

email: coldspringsvc@hotmail.com

Updated: 09/10/2023