11:00 am.

As Christians, we celebrate the Lord's day as the apostles did, on Sunday, the day our Lord Jesus rose from the grave.  Just like Jesus' disciples, we realize that Jesus returning from being dead and buried for three days proved to the whole world that He truly is God and the only begotten Son sent to save the world from their sins as He told us. With this in mind, every Sunday, we get together in His name as His people. The building we gather in is the church, but more importantly, we are His church. We sing songs to Him and about Him, read God's word and receive His teaching by our elders, and work together to reconcile a lost and broken world to Him by His love and sacrifice for us. All are welcome.

We hope that you would join us Sunday morning for worship service at 11:00am, but we also hope that you'll explore the other things we do together as a church. We meet for prayer, additional Bible studies, breakfast, and to help others. Perhaps you will decide to make a home with us and become a member of Cold Springs Valley church. We'd love to see you do that, and if you'll let one of our leaders know, we'd love to talk with you about it. We hope to see you soon!

Tel: 775-432-1221

Mail Address:

          PO Box 61447
          Reno, NV 89506


Church Address:

3385 White Lake Parkway

Reno, NV 89508 


Updated: 06/12/2024